Methods and Technologies

In our work we utilize worldwide technology , knowledge and expertise localized to southeast Asia to increase milk production in Asia , with the highest quality of fresh cow milk. Below methods used:

Smart Cooling System

We use smart cooling system that is personalized for each cow when, what and how to cool. This significantly reduce water, manure treatment & electricity costs & increase milk yield

AI Driven Weather Monitoring

We always monitor weather conditions in real-time, to predict and proactively adapt Cow's conditions , planning food inventory and save on electricity costs

High Quality Silage Techniq

Our special technique enable us to prepare the silage in-house , not depend on external expensive , and not always available food centers. high dry matter & starch with less spoilage

Personal & Real Time Cow Monitoring

IoT sensors monitors farm situation, cows in distress and issues to be resolved , together with all human data we collect, we produce analytics and predictions which optimizes cost/yield

Efficient Crops Management

Growing Corn, with advanced irrigation systems , is used for cows nutrition. Delicate menu mix is used to maximize milk yield in lowest cost.

Manure Treatment & Cows Health

Manure treatment and special flooring avoid Cow's accidents and wounds. Farm designed with years of experience in how to make cow's life as safe and comfortable as possible.

Electricity Generation

Solar panels on the sheds roof, as shown in this project, provides additional source of income. we test future technologies that use panels as roof to reduce shed investment costs, on-grid production $0.5/Kw

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Best Practices Daily Protocols

We created dairy farm protocols to guide the employees on their day to day job. Using digital dashboards , enable us to avoid mistakes and have smooth operations that results high yield and quality milk

AI Driven Herd Management

Timely herd movement planning and management is critical. Start from choosing best of breed heifers , plan carefully pregnancies and artificial insemination, plan cow retirements & dry periods as well as mortality. Machine learning is used to provide >90% accuracy

Efficient Logistics

We develop logistical system and technology to process crops from large amount of small growers. It enable us to support 10's of local farmers and still be efficient,

Control Farm Conditions

Cooling technology and optimization is critical. We know how to tweak the cooling to meet local weather and seasons, using sensors and test and trail to achieve maximum results

In-House Laboratory

We built our own laboratory , in-house, where we can check milk quality daily and meet highest standards without depending on scarce and costly external services.

In-House Workshops

Maintenance shop with in-house technician is available to fix most of the equipment and machinery on the spot. Help us save costs and provide prompt response to issues and resume 24x7 operation

Upskilling and Training

Here is one of our founding management team , training the staff on how to use automated milking parlor. Up-skilling local employees and nearby farmers is at the heart of the social collaboration of the farm.

Environment & Manure Treatment

Manure treatment is essential to preserve the environment these days. Also , we sold or gave manure collection to local farmers for crops, and in one farm we sell it to local electricity company. We tested several methods and found the best one to feet.

Tourism & Kids Education

In one of the farms, we created a tourist activities for families and schools , that can view how farms work and take a tour.

Local Contractors in South East Asia

Here we are , personally, supervising in a new farm construction. We localize design and construction for ASEAN countries

Nursery Care

Keeping young ones in top conditions is key for future production. In this farm, we fit the nursery and heifer conditions to the local weather, yet looking for cost-effective solution for these non milking herd.

Efficient Irrigation

We support farmer with irrigation systems, it enable farmers to increase corn yield per hectare from ~30 ton to 50 ton.

Modular Farm Design

In-house new farm design work , high level architecture and detailed construction plans. We practiced phased design, start small and grow in modular way in future.

Financial Optimization

Ongoing financial analysis is key for the farm profitability. We provide proprietary financial tools . We did financial planning of large projects as well as uplifts of existing farms. Including P&L, RFPs , specifications. For day to day operations we manage cost carefully.

High Quality Genetic

We import cows from Australia and US. We make sure the cow are in high quality, picking them one by one personally on the ground , we have insurance to make sure they last as mortality is common, and last but not least we get special shipping rates.

Cooling Control

We are working with several cooling methods, such as personal cow cooling vs separate area cooling, each has its pros and cons and determined based on the measurements in the field.

Health Management

We take care of the cow's health, in two manners. Proactive measures, detailed design the farm to avoid mortality and slippery together with daily monitoring protocols and veterinary care.

Cow Comfort at the Center

We take care of the cow comfort and well being. Techniques for providing low stress to cows is about awareness , training and design. Cow's well being not only improve milk, but also important for the farm branding and its clients

High Quality Milk Control

We developed few techniques to improve and lower somatic cells and increase the protein and fat in milk. Improving milk quality allow us to get higher price for the milk.

Disease Control

Mastitis is common, we have lot of experience in reducing infections by improving vacuum, pulsations & cow's well being. The chart above, is one of our farms, how we reduced YoY from 100 infections to 50 and close to zero. While cost of infection ~$500 per cow, its critical savings

Digital Heath in Action

We use digital animal health sensors which enable us to record cow's health and use our best veterinarians to provide remote advice to the local farm team.

Remote Control (COVID-19 and beyond)

We are working smartly and remotely in COVID 19, utilizing sensors , technology and remote work by camera service that include AI computer vision technology

Bio-Technology Embryo transfer

In-vitro embryo transfer is the latest technology in genetic , that shorten the cow's genetic and performance. We are experienced with the techniques and in-house or outsourced labs


Our Brazilian colleagues asked us to join a Seminar on cow cooling in Brazil and share our expertise from southeast Asia which has tough climate and humidity.

Turn milk into gold ICCP Seminar in Philippines Oct-2021, how to grow and accelerate Philippines fresh milk production by building high-productivity farms, leveraging worldwide technology and methods proven in Vietnam

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