facilitating high productivity dairy farming in Asia, producing fresh high quality milk

We are a boutique venture:

design ,build , operate and uplift dairy farms 'to-perfection' in Asia

Bringing together global practices , technology and management , localized to Asia's unique needs & environment

Dairy farm building & operating in Southeast Asia

Proven implementation of global technology & practices in Southeast Asia

Building new or Up-lifting existing dairy farms

We are 3rd generation dairy farmers and cow lovers, whom like to work in the field and master any detail of the farm , personally combining 20+ years of experience from our dairy farms , a dairy technology world leader, together, with our 10+ years of dairy farm implementations in south east Asia.

We design, build and operate ,new or up-lifting existing dairy farms , from 50 to more than 5000 cows. Our unique approach is to combine agritech and knowledge as partners ,co-invest with our clients, which put us in a better position to succeed together.

A dairy farm upgrade or new project can be ~60-70 % less expensive compared to any other foreign company , and will likely to have lower risks , higher revenue , milk yield and milk quality standards.

How can we do it?

We developed all our processes and analytics technology to fit Asian needs. for Example: tracked protocols of farm doing, artificial intelligence to optimize Nutrition and avoid waste, animal health using sensors and digital analysis. We share the risks, no overheads , we provide design, equipment manufacturing and operations in-house localized for Asia, so we can keep costs down, yet not compromise on quality

Building Costs60%
Operating Expenses75%
Milk Yield130%
Milk Quality100%
Project Risks50%

Main Areas of Expertise

Building and operating new dairy farms or up-lifting and managing an existing farm: turn into high productivity farm in southeast Asia

Feasibility, Design & Build
Equipment & Technology Setup
Crops & Feeding Management
Herd Selection & Embryo genetics
Nutrition & Milk Quality Improvement
Processes & Data using Analytics/AI
Daily Operations & Management

Our Services

We have several engagement and partnership models for Investors, existing farm owners, land owners, government agencies, retailers and processing plants. Farms as small as 50 cows, to more than 5000, all based on advanced technologies and analytics.

Up-lift an Existing Farm

We will conduct feasibility of your farm, come-up with improvement plan, target KPI's. We measure each investment return based on Asia's special needs. we will take overall management of the farm to improve with success fees / co-invest option

New Farm - Joint Venture

We will own and manage the design , building and operating new successful farm from A to Z.  Our plan is to start small and then expand. The model is to jointly partner with reduced risks & conflicts with co-investment option. 

Farm Managed Consulting Services
Farm Managed Consulting Services

We will provide you a package of consulting services to assist you building and operating your farm. Example of services: cow comfort, milk quality plan or special technology for embryo implant for genetic improvements.

We Do it Right First Time - Our Unique Value

All in one - Partner-Design-Build-Operate-Maintain.

Genuine Partnership

We take full responsibility of management and KPI's , we aim for joint venture and shared risks, co-invest when needed. It makes the project more successful. Unlike others, we wont have conflict of interests or will promote vendors for commission

Cost-Effective Design

We built and worked with many farms, and know exactly where to spend and where we shouldn't, considering emerging countries landscape and market. we will avoid throw-away investments

Serving the Community

We always act with high social responsibility, taking care of the environment (e.g. manure treatment), and collaborate with the local farmers to provide jobs to 10's of households (buy crops and train locals)

Technology Proven for Asia

Years of foreign dairy farming knowledge, that was implemented and localized to South East Asia protocols and analytics/AI tech, we know already whats works and whats not, saving for you years of trail and error , extra costs and tremendous risks

In-House Work

We do ourselves, design, construction, , operations and maintenance. Not only it allow us to save costs, but it gives us more control, we build our own equipment and tools in Asia , when possible.

Operational Efficiency

We balance all aspects & operate to maximize the cow's health and conditions so it will provide highest milk yield. by utilizing south-east-Asia localized protocols ,technology and analytics ,we cam automate and perfect all operations.

South east Asia's Fresh Milk is on high demand, production is Lagging

High productivity dairy farming is complex

Greater demand for fresh and high quality milk products by middle-class in emerging countries, requires local production of raw milk in high standards. In Philippines, for example, only 1% of the dairy is locally produced while 99% is imported, mostly from powder, which is inferior. Middle class growth, demand for healthier products, require locally made fresh milk.

Many of the dairy farms in southeast Asia are not not profitable because their way of operation, feeding, comfort, technology and hence milk production per cow is low.

Asia dairy farms have challenges, small farms tend to suffer from low quality cows and poor conditions , resulting low milk yield and quality. Its not uncommon that processing plants, don't want to buy the low quality milk from small farms. Furthermore, these farms has no investment capital and the knowledge to lift the farm, resulting loses.

On the other hand , building modern and high productivity farm is complex task , required large capital and prone to issues. As a result, most large farms are designed , built and operated by foreign firms. However, such a project has very high cost and risk to investors. Conflict of interest are common where the firm try to sell their own people and equipment and are not partner in the project. Specifically, Asia costs and market needs are not fully accommodate by foreign firms.

High Investment Cost & Vendor Risks

Investor or land owner that want to build a farm, will usually approach external firms to either provide turn-key solution which is much more expensive or get services with no guarantees on the outcome, either way project become complex ,risky and costly.

Most consultants have conflict of interest and recommend of expensive solutions they tied up with.

Poor Operations and lack of know-how lead to losses

Relatively poor infrastructure and lack of operational knowledge in dairy farming, together with hot weather, the milk yield is usually low and not optimized , sometimes quality of the milk is too low to have a buyer. both is major factors that determine if a farm will be profitable or not.

Project Execution and Market Risks

We saw over and over many bad decisions in early stages are irreversible after or cost millions after. for example - bad design of sheds or flooring, structure that can't scale in future, purchasing of poor herd. In addition, poor operation can result disease or mortality.

Taking constant professional decisions and close monitoring is critical. We also saw imbalanced decisions, of investing millions in one element (e.g. best genetic cows), while the bottleneck is in another place.

The Team

  • We are 3rd generation dairy farmers , started more than 50 years ago with 2 cows and grew to 600 cows
  • We combine our passion for agriculture , cows and high-technology.
  • We spent the last 10 years in Vietnam, working with medium to large projects of around 4000 cows , combining technology & know-how, localized to southeast Asia needs

Co-Founder and Dairy Chief

30+ years of dairy hands-on and professional management, specialize in Asia dairy, takes care of all day to day operations, a world known nutrition expert, cooling, herd movement and milking. Define and meet KPI's.

Co-Founder & CEO

15+ years of farming , entrepreneurship and high-tech expert in AI/ML, responsible for overall management, financials and building IT solutions.

In addition, taking care of marketing and partnership activities.

Head of Construction

Takes care of all our in-house design , construction , equipment installation and maintenance of the farm. 10+ years ,building dairy farms in south east Asia, sheds, flooring, milking parlors and customized equipment for maximizing efficiency.

We are a proud member of Philippines chamber of commerce

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